Find a Dermatologist in NYC

Combine your next trip to Manhattan with a visit to a dermatologist in NYC

For those of you who are maybe just visiting Hamburg and would rather go to a dermatologist back home in New York City, we would be happy to recommend a partner practice located directly in Manhattan, with evening and weekend hours available to suit your schedule upon return! Or for those of you who know us from Hamburg, have an upcoming trip planned to the States, and would like to plan to get some dermatological treatments done while abroad, we would also recommend this competent and friendly dermatologist in NYC. This board-certified dermatologist offers a wide range of service for all skin types and personal skin health needs. Of course before you schedule any treatments, you are invited to make an appointment for a consultation in order to determine what procedure is necessary or can be helpful. Or you can schedule a specific skin exam from this skin allergy expert in NYC, such as a skin allergy test. Other treatments for the more common skin disorders are available, such as mole removal, hair loss treatments, eczema treatments, or acne treatments.

As is also becoming more and more popular, this dermatologist provides cosmetic dermatological procedures - a growing business ever-popular in metropolises like New York City. These procedures require a consultation in order to determine which treatment will suit your skin and work the best, with little downtime and side effects. Specialized in skin of color, this New York practice deals with skin issues that effect darker skin pigmentations in particular, such as laser hair removal. Other cosmetic procedures are available to minimize pigmentation, discolorations, or scarring on your face or body, such as KTP or Fraxel treatments. And not to be forgotten are the ever-beloved anti-aging injections and treatments to maintain your eternal youth - Botox, Restylane, Juverderm, or Ulthera all help to eliminate wrinkles caused by age and too much stress. Stress can also cause unwanted weight gain, which is very difficult to reverse without strenuous exercise and diet routines, but thanks to CoolSculpting, a type of laser fat removal, you can freeze the fat in certain areas of your body, such as your inner and outer thighs or love handles, resulting in a sort of non-surgical liposuction where your body naturally excretes the excess fat cells.

Learn more or schedule a consultation for when you plan on being in New York City today!